Dubai, you dusty desert city. You were quite a shock for me when I first came to you. I remember that I stayed inside for two days after my flight, …

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My travel recipes

Three years ago I started with a different way of eating inspired by the Paleolithic diet or also called “the cavemen diet”. My body and its immune system where a …

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Backpacks and Backbends

I am in Costa Rica, the land of misty rain forests, rivers, and beautiful white sand beaches. It took me exactly four months to get here and it must have …

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My last Guerilla Yoga class

It all started with some friends in the backyard, and before I knew it I was teaching my very last class inside a big gym in my hometown. One year …

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Floorwork dance technique

In my life there are two things I love equally. With one of them I just had a more difficult relationship than with the other. The professional dance-world is harsh, …

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Backbending Love

With my hands in front of my heart I am standing at the front of my mat. I breath in deeply, lengthening my spine, lifting my head up to the …

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Boom Festival in Portugal

As a little curious child I am running around the festival  terrain. I want to discover every part of this magical ferry land and dive into the world that is …

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