Smoothie jar recipe

When someone on the last retreat asked me again if we also sell a vegan cookbook with all Bo’s recipes in it, I decided it was time to write a …

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Your body as a first step…

DISEMBODIMENT The consequence of disembodiment is cruelty The consequence of not feeling your own body is that you can’t feel empathy. In yoga the yama’s (with number 1 being ahimsa …

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Why I stopped eating animals

A few years ago I changed my diet due to health reasons. I wanted to cut out sugar, wheat, dairy and basically almost all processed foods. While searching  for healthy …

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I want a home

It has been 5 years now……5 years of traveling around the world, teaching, sightseeing, meeting friends, saying goodbye to friends, packing my bags again and again and again. I know …

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Gluten free breakfast bowls

Hello from Sri Lanka! Yes I am back to teach here at sri Yoga Shala for three months after spending my summer in Holland. The Garden Cafe at the Shala …

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Sri Lanka

With a book and a cup of tea I stare into the garden were ‘Uncle’ as I call him (because I can never remember his complicated Sri Lankan name) is …

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My Time in India

I am in India. The land of Yoga, Meditation and spiritual enlightenment. Or not? Well I have to admit that I am not in the “real” India, but in Goa. …

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How I came to Yoga – Part 2

Part 2 When I came back from Mexico I knew that something had shifted. I began to take more yoga classes. I was (and still am) in love with the …

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How I came to Yoga

People often ask me: How did you come to yoga? I finally feel like it is time to share my story and give the full answer to this question. Let’s …

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Yoga therapy balls, my new discovery

I was very lucky always to have loved ones around me with amazing massage skills. The ‘after class trigger point sessions’ of  John helped me so often to recover. And …

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