Magic Morning ~ Microdose, Yin & Cacao – 03/10

Magic Morning ~ Microdose, Yin & Cacao – 03/10

For this morning with microdose, Yin Yoga & Cacao we’ve combined natural healing and ancient wisdom with modern science to create a unique sensory experience and a wonderful start of your day.

We will start in a circle to share raw ceremonial Cacao from Nicaragua and a microdose of truffles. This will be followed by a 1 hour meditative Yin session guided by Pleuni.

⍙ ⏀_ Cacao opens the heart and allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection with yourself, others, the earth and all of life.

⍙ ⏀_ A microdose is about 1/10 of a full trip dosis, and therefore has a very subtle effect. It doesn’t come close to the psychedelic effects of a normal dosis. The aim here is to improve mood and focus and boost creativity. Rather than mind-altering, the effects of Microdosing are best described as mind enhancing.
There have been numerous studies utilising psychedelics like psilocybin, and they have shown that it has positive effects on depression and anxiety.
If you have questions about microdosing, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

This event will take place in the city center of Tilburg, right next to the central train station. Sooss is a center for relaxation with a beautiful light space on the first floor. Downstairs you will find a cute little seating area and you can book a massage here as well.

Please bring your own cup for the cacao and some tea ❤︎
And also a blanket/scarf and some some fluffy socks to stay cozy. Mats, bolsters and blocks are provided by Sooss.

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