My travel recipes

My travel recipes

Three years ago I started with a different way of eating inspired by the Paleolithic diet or also called “the cavemen diet”. My body and its immune system where a mess, and I felt I needed to change something. After a few months of living the cavemen life, I felt  so much better and since then I am a true Paleo food lover.

The aim of a Paleo diet is to return to a way of eating that’s more like what early humans ate. This comes down to eating whole, organic, unprocessed, nutrient-dense, nourishing foods. After the agricultural revolution, our way of eating changed, but our digestive systems did not have enough time to biologically adapt. This mismatch between our bodies and our diet might be the reason for modern health problems and diseases.

Another modern problem is that we have lost the connection with our own body and often don’t seem to listen to it anymore. Most of the time your body is very well capable of telling you what you should or shouldn’t eat! (Here is where yoga comes in again, because it creates awareness in the body :D)
Another thing that is very important not to forget is that every human is unique and has a unique experience. It could be that your body is totally fine with processing dairy, while another person experiences stomach problems right away.  So that’s why I always say: don’t follow any diet blindly, but think and especially feel for yourself. As for me, I sometimes add rice to my dinner, or eat oats in the morning and I don’t eat too much meat (something which the cavemen certainly did)

Eating like cavemen of course does not mean that we have to slaughter chickens in the backyard, eat with our hands and growl with every bite. It just means returning to a natural diet, one that makes us strong, energetic and healthy instead of sick.

So what about those easy on the go recipes I hear you think. When you are traveling like me, following this diet can be a real hassle. I got quite creative along the way and I want to share my travel recipes with my fellow traveling yogi’s (also very tasteful when not traveling ;)) These are things you can make with just a few basic ingredients they have in almost ány shitty little jungle shop or back street supermarket.

Oat flour coconut pancakes:
I sometimes make this when I have to get on a night-bus (15 hours, and you only stop at gas stations where they have chips, lollypops and weird Spanish magazines) What you need:

-water or soy/rice/almond/regular milk

Mix the flour with whatever liquid you choose until you have a nice batter. Add cinnamon, cocoflakes and honey and bake like normal pancakes. Let them cool of and take them with you in a Tupperware. You can add extra honey on top just before eating them!

My advice is to always travel with cinnamon and honey in your backpack, because it basically goes with everything. You will thank me for it when the only thing they have in that dusty shop along the road is a cup of sour yoghurt.  Also Tupperware is great to travel with, unless you want to find your plastic bag with pancakes crushed on the bottom of your daypack, together with that lost banana of last week.

Riceflour cookies  with nuts and guacamole
Also this one will work perfectly fine on long bus trips and gives you an extra boost on mountain hikes. What you need:

-Italian herbs
-salt & pepper

Mix the rice-flour with the water until you get a nice thick batter. Add the herbs, garlic, salt & pepper and some shredded nuts. Bake them as little piles in a layer of oil. Make your guacamole with mashed avocado, garlic, little lime, onion and salt& pepper, to dip your cookies in.

Self made chocolate bars:
When traveling it is not easy to find good chocolate. (Good cacao, no sugar plus a little affordable) So I decided to make my own and it is super easy! This one is not for on the go because you have to keep it in the fridge! What you need:

-100% organic cacao powder (preferably raw)
-coconut oil
-honey, agave syrup or dates
-anything else you want to add like nuts, coconut flakes, superfoods, pieces of fruit, cacao nibs

Mix the cacao powder and the coconut oil together until it becomes a smooth looking paste. Add whatever you like, pour it in a chocolate bar shaped thing, and put it in the fridge (or freezer in case you reside somewhere in a jungle like environment. In this case the fridge will probably not do the job) Leave in there for a while to harden, and enjoy!!

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