Your body as a first step…

Your body as a first step…


The consequence of disembodiment is cruelty
The consequence of not feeling your own body is that you can’t feel empathy.

In yoga the yama’s (with number 1 being ahimsa which means non harming) and niyamas are the first 2 of the 8 limbs and seen as the foundation of the practice.

But I feel that connecting to the body is the first step. Once we start to feel more, and become aware, connect with our breath…we open up and become more sensitive.

Many of us have their sympathetic nervous systems switched on the whole day, or a whole year, or even for a lifetime. Feeling stressed and experiencing a sense of being ‘frozen’. This is our survival mode, and while being stuck in this mode, the only thing that matters for us is to fight ourselves through life or to freeze and try to become invisible in some way.
Yoga Asana is a very helpful way to make us realize we are in a body. And we are able to repattern our nervous system so we can enter our parasympathetic in which we are relaxed, feeling safe, and grounded.
For me this is the first step, because how can we start talking about being kind to yourself and others, doing no harm or being content in life when we are still mostly ‘running away from tigers’? To be able to work on these things we need to first get out of our animal brain and feel safe and supported.

For me, it starts with and within our body. Not because doing yoga asana helps us to become fit and bendy and look good on Instagram but because of this reason. 

– Interesting interview with Mark Walsh (founder of embodied facilitator courses)  about this subject…especially from 4.20

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