Boom Festival in Portugal

Boom Festival in Portugal

As a little curious child I am running around the festival  terrain. I want to discover every part of this magical ferry land and dive into the world that is called Boom. With a booming bass in the background that I can feel deep down in my body, I walk through huge art installations, bump into sudden oasis’s which turn out to be community gardens, crawl into earth ships, skinny dip in the lake and climb into trees. This is the biggest playground I have ever seen.

With my bare feet in the sand and a plate of raw cacao balls I take a look at this weeks program. After a few minutes my schedule is already so full that I notice it is going to be impossible for me to eat or sleep. Oke, so maybe I am not able to do éverything. Gong meditations, a vinyasa masterclass, rebirthing, trance dance, acro yoga, pranayama, mantra chanting, taoist tantra, tao of the feminine…. It is all just too interesting!

My first Boom festival in Portugal, located in the middle of nowhere, is an amazing overwhelming transformational festival. Everywhere I meet inspiring colorful people from all over the world who come here to celebrate life together. With the divine feminine as a theme we honor mother earth by creating environmental awareness and we awaken the feminine power inside each of us.

Dancing under the full moon, reconnecting with my own individual divine essence, while in sinc with the beating heart of the whole tribe, I realized it once again. We are all one…

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