About me

What about me?

I am Pleuni van Hulten, originally from the Netherlands. At this moment I am traveling the world while teaching, playing, growing and learning, and sharing the beautiful way of life called YOGA. The Vinyasa classes I teach are an exploration of the body’s natural way of moving and in my Yin classes we practice in a very meditative way. I always invite students to feel into their own body and decide with openness and curiosity what it is that works for them individually. I feel grateful to have studied with teachers like Jo Phee, Gary Carter and Julie Martin, for they have opened my eyes in many ways.

As a dancer and choreographer, I discovered yoga early in my life. The professional dance-world is harsh, very harsh. Dancers usually don’t take care of their bodies and choreographers don’t take care of their dancers. Yoga made me discover a truly different path of physical activity that is designed to take care of your body. I also became more and more interested in the personal experience of the dancer and the connection between dance and spirituality. The professional dance world thrives on ego, which is logical considering that it is a performance art and it’s all about what you project. Standing on the yoga path, I started to look at dance from a totally different point of view. In the workshops and classes I teach right now the most important thing is to enjoy exploring the body in space.

A few years ago I left everything in the Netherlands behind to be able to share my experiences with the world, to teach yoga retreats and workshops and to broaden my own horizon at the same time. I have taught in many places and I feel honoured to share this path, for it changed my own life completely.

flipchipAnd what about that weird name? 

The term Guerilla is easily traced to Guerilla warfare which utilizes atypical tactics to achieve a goal. To promote my yoga classes I use high energy and imagination focusing on grasping the attention of people in more personal and memorable level. With Guerilla Yoga I started a new concept in my hometown a few years ago. I wanted to break out of the system and make yoga affordable for everyone everywhere in the city. I was teaching in parks, dance schools, theaters, and sometimes even living rooms. Yoga, coming from the Sanskrit root uYuj, means Union. It is a way of life that develops a holistic experience of the body, heart and mind. For me it’s all about connecting people, being aware, opening the heart, and being kind to yourself and to others.

I take the Guerilla Yoga spirit with me on my travels in the way that I will always remember how everything is possible if you only can imagine and think out of the box. Stay true to yourself and be authentic without always worrying what people think about you.

And occasionally I still end up teaching in weird places like Mexican parks, Guatemalan hostel rooftops, or Thai train stations.

Let’s unite and spread the yoga love….