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Guerilla Goes Global


    My Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga classes focus on natural movement and body awareness. When we reconnect to our body we open ourselves up to life.

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    Sound is a powerful tool for healing. In my cacao ceremonies I take people on a journey with the help of different instruments and my voice.

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    Want to know about my upcoming cacao ceremonies, gatherings and yoga classes? Find out about all my events here!

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  • “Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by
    those who could not hear the music”

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When someone on the last retreat asked me again if we also sell a vegan cookbook with all Bo’s recipes in it, I decided it was time to write a …

Your body as a first step…

DISEMBODIMENT The consequence of disembodiment is cruelty The consequence of not feeling your own body is that you can’t feel empathy. In yoga the yama’s (with number 1 being ahimsa …

Why I stopped eating animals

A few years ago I changed my diet due to health reasons. I wanted to cut out sugar, wheat, dairy and basically almost all processed foods. While searching  for healthy …