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In my Backbending workshops it is all about the emotional effect, anatomical details, safe preparation and key muscles in Backbends. Only when understanding how your body actually works, you can get the most out of your practice. In this workshop you learn how to strengthen and lengthen the right muscles, how to safely move in and out of backbends and which Q’s help you feel the muscles you need to engage.
I absolutely love Backbending because it has so many health benefits. It really opens the whole front body and thereby the heart center!

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Scaravelli Inspired Vinyasa

Would you like to find freedom and ease of motion in your Yoga practice? Are you interested in how to release tension? This workshop is suitable for all Yoga lovers and Yoga teachers, either beginner or advanced who want to explore a totally different way of practicing inspired by Scaravelli Yoga. The important aim is to work with the body and not against it. We will go back to the bodies nature and we will work with its natural flow and direction of movement. We move out of static postures and bring the body as a whole into a playful and liberating experience.
We will look at how the body is designed to move and how compression influences the whole system. This workshop will teach you how to surrender and let go in your practice, how to wave and roll through the spine and move organically in and out of Yoga postures.

Pleun Slider Arambol 3Yin Yoga ~ Happy Hips and Hamstrings 

Designed for those with tight hips and hamstrings, this workshop will emphasise on creating space and softness into the back of the legs and the areas around the hips.

We will work through a series of poses that are held for a long time, approaching all the movements and their internal responses from a place of intention, observation and kindness. We will explore the different effects of tightness in the hips and legs on the rest of the body to gain a deeper understanding of this beautiful meditative practice.

Yin Yoga is a more passive form of yoga as opposed to the more dynamic forms of yoga such as Vinyasa Flow. Instead of focusing on lengthening and strengthening the muscles, we focus on the joints and the deeper connective tissues like the fascia and the ligaments.

slider workshopsMeditation Workshop ~ Finding peace of mind

Since thousands of years people have used meditation techniques to quiet the mind and to find greater self understanding. It gives us a peace of mind that helps us to have a much better perception about our lives.
Meditation has not only a positive effect on the mind but also on the body. It lowers cholesterol levels, blood pressure and provides a restful sleep.
This workshop is an introduction – we will explore different forms of meditation and you will be given the tools to continue this beautiful practice by yourself.

Pleuni van Hulten Mantra ChantingMantra Chanting 

A Mantra is a sound or vibration, that becomes very powerful when you repeat it. The ancient words with subtle intentions help you to reach a deep state of meditation. By simply repeating the mantra you can disconnect from your thoughts. The mantra becomes more abstract so it can lead you into a place of pure consciousness.  Each mantra with its different sound has another effect on the human psyche. The sound vibrations penetrate every cell of the body.

I lead mantra chanting circles together with my lovely Shruti Box, an instrument that is similar to a harmonium and provides a drone to support the mantra.

In this Myo Fascial Release workshop we work with therapy balls to help identify and release areas in the body that are tight, overused or underused. Through a series of self massage techniques designed for the neck, shoulders, upper back, hips, and legs we release tension. The floor and the wall are used as a foundation for rolling out tensed areas to facilitate myofascial release and to work on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is calming the mind and the body.