Microdose ~ Cacao ~ Mantra Night / 29-11 / Amsterdam

Microdose ~ Cacao ~ Mantra Night / 29-11 / Amsterdam

To celebrate the opening of the door to the other worlds, we invite you to a night of blissful sound and medicinal healing. Combining the power of ceremonial cacao, Magic truffle microdose, the singing voice and the relaxation generated by sinking into the vibrations of our many instruments, we intend to create a truly unique evening with you, that will prepare you for the dark months of the year to come, infusing you with the light of the Soul.

We will start the evening with a delicious Ceremonial cacao circle to help us open our hearts and connect to the voice of the devine within us all, as well as connect us to each-other. We will than invite you to lay down and let the waves of sound wash over you as we create a soundscape for you to float around in.
Next we will move into a joint kirtan, lead by Myself, and Gabriel and Aleida, both guitar enthusiasts, who also wield the native American medicine drum, moving us to new levels of connectedness and ecstasy.
We want to invite you to also bring your own voice and instruments into our lovely ceremonial space in the Pijp.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or a veteran kirtan singer. Everyone has a voice and can enjoy to sing.

Due to great demand we are now selling tickets which you can find via the link below💖


Location: De Pijp, Amsterdam. You will receive the exact location through email.

  • November 29
  • De pijp, Amsterdam
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