Cacao, Microdose, Yoga / December 10 / Amsterdam

Cacao, Microdose, Yoga / December 10 / Amsterdam

Dear friends, something special is coming up! Another Cacao Microdose Yoga morning!

This special morning we will share cacao, yoga and an optional micro or minidose of psilocybin truffles.

Why? Because it’s awesome to start the day together, and support each other in a healthy, creative, loving and productive lifestyle.

> Cacao has many health benefits and neurocognitive enhancing effects. You can use cacao to increase your focus and creativity as well as to dive deeper in meditation or yoga practices. Brought to you by Pure Kakaw – Cacao Bar
> Yoga is an incredible way to connect with ourselves, our body, our flow and peaceful state of mind. You can read more about my style of teaching HERE
> Psilocybin has many benefits from creativity to flow and self reflection. Micro- or mini-dosing is a great way to use psylocibin in you life for a positive mindset. Brought to you by Kokopelli Smartshop

* The intention of the event is not to guide you into a trip. We are all responsible for ourselves as equals. We will share the morning together in a connected and beautiful setting.

When and where? 
Tuesday November 26 from 9.00 – 11.00

*!!! Limited space for 15 people !!!*

Limited Low income tickets: €15
Normal price: €25


Feel free to stick around longer, connect, work on creative projects or go about on your day.


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