I want a home

I want a home

It has been 5 years now……5 years of traveling around the world, teaching, sightseeing, meeting friends, saying goodbye to friends, packing my bags again and again and again. I know I consciously chose to live this lifestyle, and I still feel I will always be a world traveler, someone who gets restless when staying in one place for too long. I actually counted how many flights I took in 2017. That will be 26!!! Including a few I will take next month.
I feel it is time to create a nest somewhere. I want to live a balanced life, and it feels like I am only floating right now without any base, any feeling of grounding. Where ever I go I always manage to feel comfortable after a while, but it is never MY place with all of MY stuff. I need somewhere to come home to….

So the next question is…Where? How? It seems like the system is not really created for people like me. I want to keep my freedom, the ability to travel around the world without paying for a place I am not living in at that moment. Because let’s face it: I will be gone most of the time. I don’t need a big house, a fancy car…I just want it to be my little haven.

Then I got the brilliant idea to live in a portable, round shaped tent called a YURT!!! When I saw one for the first time I fell in love instantly. And guess what…..the first part of the plan already manifested itself…the YURT is all ready to go. Now I only need a place to put it up somewhere in the Netherlands. Let the search begin <3

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  • Simone (Sjamoon )
    16/11/2017 at 18:49 Reply

    Wow what aan beautyfull story. Ik life in the Nederlanst in a small part whats called Friesland. In a small Village. I fell in love with the concept yurt. Maybe you can set up home in my garden. Who knows. And when your not there i can let others stay a few days at the time and ask rent. Who knows? I hope my English is understandeble. Namasté.

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