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Floorwork contemporary dance technique

Folding, curving, twisting, twirling, flowing, breathing, sliding, rolling….

Floorwork is a technique in contemporary dance. It is all about grounding, opening and surrendering. This technique, once mastered, gives a unique sense of freedom. You are connecting with the earth while creating awareness of space. Being in the moment… grounded in the present…

In this beautiful academic dance technique we will explore dancing on and with the floor. The workshops I teach offer an energetic, powerful and enjoyable training with the important aim, to have fun working with the floor. It’s about gaining trust, ease of motion and discovering the body’s weight in gravity using it’s natural flow and organic movement.

A certain sense of body awareness through practicing yoga, dancing or capoeira is required for this workshop. If you are not a dancer and are used to more static forms of movement this workshop will definitely get you out of your comfort zone!